create your own "belongs to" page in your bullet journal

our notebooks are very simple. we want to encourage you to make the notebook your own and use it exactly how you need it.

if you need a pen loop, you can get one here.

if you need a back/front/somewhere in between pocket – you can get one here too.

but if not, that’s also okay. we want your takkti dot grid notebook to be able to fit your every need.


so what about the “this journal belongs to….” page in the front of your bullet journal? or do you call it a "contact page"?

 DIY create your own belongs to page bullet journal free template


you can make your own! and here’s a couple of ideas how:


1) use your favorite washi tapes (or if you don’t have any, click here)! i used one of my favourites - the lantern washi tape from our shop!

 DIY create your own belongs to page bullet journal washi tape

2) draw a very minimalistic spread - there's just something i really like about simple spreads. they're kind of timeless. and what a better way to start your bullet journal with, then a minimalistic contact page? you can always spruce it up with a bit of cool lettering :)

 DIY create your own belongs to page bullet journal minimalistic black and white

3) or maybe something more artistic? like this monstera leaf contact page?

 DIY create your own belongs to page bullet journal black and white monstera leaves

4) you can also find an old photo that’s been lying around and create a very personal “belongs to” page. i used a polaroid of me and my cat, who doesn't look very happy about the cuddles he's getting ;) the washi tape i used is the waves washi from our shop. (click here to get a closer view of it)

 DIY create your own belongs to page bullet journal polaroid washi tape

5) or just print out these templates and paste them into your journal! put your email in and download them right away! :)




let your creativity run wild and enjoy the process!

and if you got inspired from this post and create your own “belongs to” page, tag us on insta with @takkti and #takkti, so we can see it too!


stay awesome, stay creative,




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