we make beautifully designed eco-friendly stationery, because we believe it's the small things that can make your day better.

like the touch of a perfectly textured cover, the soft feel of the pages, the way your pencil glides over the paper...

this feeling is where the word "takkti" comes from - tactile, tangible, perceptible by touch.

all our products are made of natural materials, sourced from responsible resources. we try to keep our products as plastic free as possible. and there is absolutely no plastic in our packaging.

we care for our planet and that's why we plant one tree for every product we sell! join our family and let's make the world a better place!


putting a pen to paper truly gives you a chance to connect with yourself.





mei-lin fan founder of takkti


mei-lin, founder of takkti

i am a stationery freak. when i enter a beautiful stationery store, my heart skips a beat. it has been this way since i was a child. i used to spend all my pocket money on stickers and i was so proud of my carefully curated collection. even as a teenager, when i visited a country i always loved to buy a beautiful handcrafted notebook that is going to remind me of all the places i visited.

it has always been my dream to design my own stationery - and that's how takkti was born. i believe that journalling and creating on paper can free our mind and help us to express ourselves like no other medium can.

also, i'm an architect. that's why simplicity and minimalism often find their way into my designs. that is also the reason my very first notebook collection, the "architecture collection", is inspired by architectural elements that surround us.


product photos and portrait by mathias swoboda

takkti promotion video made by cloning company