how to make a washi tape bookmark

hi guys!

Lilly from @lilly_bujo here with another washi tape DIY :)

are you looking for a simple, eco-friendly and plastic free gift for your book-lover friends?

i have what you need!

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark

in a few simple steps we will create a bookmark decorated with takkti's beautiful washi tapes.

all we need is:

- a resistant paper 

- a cutter

- pencil and ruler

- a scalpel

- a hole puncher

- tassel

- takkti washi tapes

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark

with the help of the pencil and the ruler we decide the width of our bookmark - try to stay between 4 and 5 cm, to make it neither too big nor too small.

you can choose the preferred length of your bookmark.

with the cutter or with scissors, cut the cardboard.

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark

and now decide which washi tapes you're going to use: i chose the red washi tape and the lantern washi tape because they are my favorites!

start to cover the cardboard by alternating the two patterns. once finished, with the help of a scalpel, cut the excess washi tape, being careful to stay close to the edge. in this way we will obtain a perfectly cut bookmark.

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark

remember that it is possible to cover both sides of the bookmark, or leave the back for a quote or empty to mark the most beautiful pages of the book you are reading.

with the help of the hole puncher, make a hole through which we will pass a tassel.

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark 

have fun with different washi tape designs and create different decorations.

you can also make a bookmark with washi tapes and some lettering.

takkti DIY how to make a washi tape bookmark

as you can see, i marked out the space for the lettering with the black washi tape and feathers washi tape by takkti.

with the help of a pentel touch pen, i created a simple quote.

the result is a super personalized bookmark that i'm sure your friends will appreciate!

i hope you enjoyed this tutorial and for the procedure i invite you to see the video i made for you on my YouTube channel.

see you soon,



  • Ovviamente questo capolavoro è firmato Lilly!🥰 quando c’è in giro una cosa bella o geniale non c’è dubbio: marchio di fabbrica Liliana!🤩🥉😎

  • QUANTO SONO BELLI!🥰 Ovviamente la mente geniale di Lilly si nota sempre! Splendidi, bravissima!


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