how to make washi tape stickers

hi everyone, my name is liliana and i’m the person behind @lilly_bujo instagram account. i am very grateful to have the opportunity to write this article for takkti. february is here and for me, and perhaps for many others, it is the month of love.

while i was preparing a quote page in my stairs design notebook, looking at lantern and red washi tape, i thought "why not try making some heart shaped washi tape stickers?". so, here i am! 

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers

all we need is (figure 1)

 - lantern washi tape and red washi tape by takkti;

 - white paper - printer paper is perfect;

 - heart-shaped cutter - but you can also draw freehand;

 - scissors and glue.

first of all, you need to cover the paper sheet with washi tape (figure 2) and then cut into strips, taking care not to exceed the thickness of two washi tape passes (figure 3).

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers


it is also possible to alternate the red washi with the lantern washi, always cutting the thickness of two washi tapes.

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers

with the heart-shaped cutter cut the hearts, or alternatively draw on the back and cut out with scissors (figure 5 to 7).

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers

my advice is not to exceed the two layers of washi tape, because otherwise the stickers would be too big and the result may not be pleasant. smaller is better, as you can see below.

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers

the stencils thus created can be glued on the paper in the way you prefer.

i decided to create a frame, also with the help of washi tapes, for my quote page.

takkti DIY how to make washi tape stickers

obviously, in this way, you can create many different kinds of stickers, using takkti's beautiful washi tapes.


below you will find a short and very fast video of the complete "heart-shaped washi tape stickers" procedure.


i hope you liked this idea, if you recreate it, make sure to tag me and takkti on social media!

see you soon!


liliana ( @lilly_bujo )


  • Hello Lilly, thanks for this tutorial, this is such a cool idea! Can’t wait to try ❤️

  • Geniale!!! Lo farò sicuramente!!

    She Stands with a Bujo
  • This was so helpful 😌 Lilly did a great job🤗💓

  • Bello!

  • This is a beautiful idea! Good job Liliana ♡


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