minimalistic bullet journal page ideas

hey everyone, it's Cat here, i'm the artist behind Cat's Planner (instagram + tiktok + youtube), and in this post, i'm going to show you my bullet journal and how i create minimal yet beautiful pages with some of takkti's products.

minimalistic bullet journal spread ideas with takkti products


i'm a huge fan of simplicity and minimalism, and i try my best to mirror that into my bullet journal to help with productivity and organization. having a bullet journal or a planner can change the way you organize your life, and as someone who has been journaling for more than 6 years, i highly recommend keeping it simple. takkti's products match really well with this idea, and i love using them in my pages and themes.

one thing i do every month is reflect on the pages i did in the previous month and see if i still need all of them or if i need to change the way i did them and simplify them. i used to do cover pages for every month, but nowadays i find that useless, and so now i combine my "cover page" with my task list for the month.


minimalistic bullet journal spread ideas with takkti products

here I used the plant stamp washi paper stickers from takkti to create a wall decor-inspired theme for july, these stickers are so minimal yet full of life that gave a nice fresh and full look on my page without having to use a lot of stationery.

you can watch my full plan with me video for July 2023 here.


on my march cover page, I used one of takkti's black and white cloud stickers to add some extra decoration behind my quote for the month. it's just a simple addition to the page but makes it look really nice. on this cover, i also did a focus page to track what goals I wanted to focus on and how to achieve them.

 how to make minimalistic bullet journal page ideas with takkti products

you can watch my full plan with me video for march 2023 here.


for pages that fill in the whole page in my bullet journal, i try to keep the decorations minimal. for my habit tracker page, i did my trackers in a more condensed layout, added another cloud sticker at the bottom, and mixed it up with takkti's constellations washi tape that i got from their night sky bundle.

minimalistic bullet journal spread ideas with takkti products


these are just some of the pages i did with takkti's products for my minimal but elegant themes. if you are a beginner to bullet journaling, i highly recommend starting simple and working your way around themes and colors, and if you prefer neutral tones, takkti has a huge collection of notebooks, sticker and washi tapes, that will match well with your aesthetic. 

minimalistic bullet journal spread ideas with takkti products

i hope that you liked this article, and remember, you don't need a lot of stationery to create beautiful art, so feel free to embrace simplicity and explore takkti's shop and products and start creating your simple bullet journal pages.


if you end up recreating any of these pages or using takkti's products inspired by this blog post, don't forget to tag us @takkti and @catsplanner !

stay creative!


Cat <3

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